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    Taclink at CIOE2018

    Release time: 2018-09-17

    CIOE2018 opened on September 7, 2018 in Shenzhen China. Wuxi Taclink launched all kinds of optical amplifiers, subsystem products, optical Transceiver, optical components, 100G &400G Transceiver and 200G CFP2 PAM4 demo system.


    Taclink showed a series of optical Transceiver with data rate from 155M to 400G, and made a dynamic demonstration of 200G CFP PAM4, which can support LANWDM4 1Okm transmission on SMF. With the application of PAM4 technology, 200G CFP PAM4 can realize single channel 53.125Gbps data rate and ensure stable operation under 0-70°C based on low power consumption design. This product will be widely used in 200G Ethernet and 5G wireless.

    CIOE2018 provided a platform for Taclink to showed all new products and leading technology. 


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